20 Apr 2011

Concert in Lugano

The second concert in this year's series of six concerts organised by the student association of the Lugano Conservatory of Music was performed splendidly. The programme is unfortunately not available online but on request I received it by email and this PDF file can be viewed here.

The concert comprised:
  1. Darius Milhaud: Suite for violin, clarinet and piano, op. 157b
  2. Edvard Grieg: Lieder (6), op. 48
  3. Robert Schumann: Quintet for two violins, viola, cello and piano in E flat major, op. 44
I video-recorded the first and third part of the concert and will upload the videos to YouTube later today or tomorrow. Gloria de Piante Vicin, whose photo I show above, played the piano in the Robert Schuman quintet.

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