16 Jul 2010

estivaLugano: 77 Bombay Street

On the way back to the car park I stopped in Piazza Riforma and recorded this performance of the Swiss band 77 Bombay Street.

estivaLugano: Djangomania

Lugano is host to the Swiss Harley Days as part of estivaLugano, hundreds of glorious Harley-Davidson machines in all squares and streets, but it was Djangomania that lured me into town tonight. This is what the festival program says about them:

“Djangomania” offers an original performance, a tribute of Django Reinhardt, traditional manouche music and popular italian songs from the fifties. Fresh, dynamic and intense.

 Amore, baciami Instrumental piece 

The last two songs:

11 Jul 2010

Making like Pan

Lying in a hammock in the garden, I listen to the sound of water running in the brook and a bird  a chaffinch  singing in the tree.

9 Jul 2010

Concert in Lugano

The duo Labirinto performed a most beautiful concert as part of estivaLugano this evening. Chiara Pedrazzetti played the celtic harp, Sean Lanigan the electric guitar. Exploring and mixing their skills, they form a unique duo combining these two instruments, showing that the harp can rock and the guitar can roll!