23 Jun 2010

San Clemente

San Clemente is a little mountain near Lugano with a church of the same name at its top. With friends, I hiked there today, in sunny weather, and put the track on Google Maps, together with some photos I took along the way.

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18 Jun 2010

estivaLugano 2010: Sienna Dahlen

Under the title of estiva Lugano, the city of Lugano offers its residents and visitors musical and theatrical performances by international artists in various squares and parks every weekend from 18 June to 29 August. The opening day saw the Candadian singer Sienna Dahlen give a concert for over one hour, accompanied by the guitarist Roberto Pianca. A most enjoyable performance, of which I filmed one minute.

13 Jun 2010

Cademario: Musica in piazza

In conjunction with a procession of the the statue of St. Anthony of Padua of the Catholic church in Cademario the Filarmonica Alto Malcontone, conducted by Rama Bozzini, performed a concert in the town square.

And here is a slideshow of ten photos taken on my excursion today:

11 Jun 2010

Bye-bye, frogs

The frogs made too much noise, so I transferred them to the neaby Lago di Muzzano.

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9 Jun 2010

FIFA World Cup and wine

The hype about this year's FIFA World Cup in South Africa prompted me to go and buy six bottles of a South African wine.

The wine is still young, vintage 2009. I will probably drink it during the next World Cup in 2014.

I already had a Pinotage once, vintage 2007 of the Kaapdal winery, and I liked it when I drank it earlier this year. It will be interesting to see what this new wine, a mixture of Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon, tastes like.

3 Jun 2010

Hello, frogs

Today, I see two frogs sitting on the plank in the pond in the garden. I figure the bigger one of the two must be male, the other female. They have been sitting there, immobile, for a long time.